Spirithome.com's spiritual and religious word meanings

What Do Spiritual or Religious Words Mean?

The Meaning Of Religious Words, and Why They Matter

The words below are ones that you'll often comes across in spiritual and religious writings or talk. Sometimes, these terms can be as confusing or meaningless as those of a bureaucracy. Others are fogged over and fuzzed-out as if to propose a Oneness of All Words, a definition-less state which defies meaning and thwarts the purpose of communication. A few of these words can be downright weird. They're often purposely twisted or spun or gamed, so it's crucial to have a clear idea of what spiritual terms really mean.

This site's part dictionary, glossary, and thesaurus, but it's mostly a way of getting at what really matters about these words. It gives a specifically Christian slant on spiritual words, yet draws on their more basic, original, or root definitions, as well as what they mean in other religions or philosophies. You may find that these words have meanings that can help you live your life better or wiser, even if you don't believe. If you do believe, you may be staking your life on what these words represent, or at least on the Spirit who uses them to help us understand the world God put us in. I hope you find the Spirithome.com site helpful in clearing away at least some of the smoke.

Also, these word definitions are available in downloadable PDF format.