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Why Are There "Church Words"?

A great blog entry on speaking in Christian-specific language is at David Cho's blog. Many of the terms above are technical words which, as he points out, are needed when among technicians. Others are a form of Christian slang - which like all slang is useful, to a point. I hope these church-word web definitions can help people find what Christians mean by those words, because so much truth is behind them. But many of these words set up the feeling of being trapped in a mysterious parallel universe. (I myself get such thoughts when someone says "God told me" (X-Files) or "The Spirit will convict you" (Law & Order).) The trouble is, non-Christians are not a part of that universe, so how can they come to grips with the Savior and His followers if we speak like that? Since we ourselves don't use the terms outside of a churchly context, how can we even know what we're really saying?

Note that ecclesiastical language often uses terms that were once in general use. At some point the public stopped using them, while the church in its churchly contexts kept using them. This is one of the causes of the gap between public and churchly language.

I ask any Christian who reads this to please think before you use church words.
It's far better to use terms that others won't have to look up on sites like this one.

Do the words that Christians and the Christian churches use sound foreign to you? Then try these word definitions and maybe you'll find them to be even stranger.... :)

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