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A home for the seeking spirit is a large resource site on spirituality, the Spirit, religion, mysticism, practice, and faith as seen from a Christian viewpoint. It's for those who have questions, wonder about God, seek understanding, or want to savor the death-defying joy of the Easter season. Or, maybe you just want a way to sort out the confusion. Most of our pages are linked below in the category buttons and drop-down menus. You won't agree with everything, but you will come away with something.

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Following Christ

The Holy Spirit

The Third Person of the Trinity is in no way third-rate. Read up on it in these spiritual resources:

Word Meanings

Most of these definitions pages have buttons to click, which will reveal more on that word. Some work just like this page's buttons. Resources


This site is a spiritual resource about prayer and praying. Dive into the pages below. Then try it.

About the Bible

If you're confused about what use the Bible is for your faith, read these spiritual resources:

Listening To the Bible

You're invited to take some time to wander in, to discover unusual, amazing, or informative topics of Christian spiritual life. draws from the whole wide range of Christian beliefs to bring you what you may not have thought of before. Or, follow this link to the subject index, scroll down until you find something that grabs you, click, read, and enjoy. This is not a general spirituality website, despite its breadth. It has a clear point of view within the mainstream Christian faith.

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The Spirit's Work:

Following Jesus:

Spiritual word meanings:

Living a faithful life:

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