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Questions On Your Life of Prayer

Learning how to communicate with God

Spiritual Practices Probing Deeper

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Probing Deeper Into Prayer

One key way of getting deeper into your relationship with your Creator is to get deeper into prayer. But sometimes, we're afraid to ask questions about prayer, especially to ask ourselves about how we pray so we can at least find out where we're at right now. Thinking about prayer can carry us further into the mystery of what it's like to have an actual relationship with someone we can't contact with our senses. God places relational treasures at many spots along our journey.

Ask yourself some of these questions, and try some of the dares. There are many of them, but they are of the kind that puzzle people their whole life long. Go through them prayerfully, one by one, preferably with a pad and pencil or a notebook computer. The questions range from simple to very, very hard. I know that when I first asked myself questions like these, I was surprised by my answers. I was surprised by the emotions that came out (and sometimes, by the lack of them). I found out how much I didn't know, or thought I knew, or had simply evaded by pasting up a churchly clichè. I hope that you, too, can discover a lot about yourself, the community of faith around you, and the One who wants to talk with you.


Questions about prayer itself

If you pray:

Check out at least two of the early Psalms; for instance, Psalm 5 (the main Jewish sunrise prayer), 12 (against treachery), 8 (a praise of God as Creator), or 10 (re the prosperity of the wicked).

Tap or click on the buttons below to see more questions like these, by subject, so you can do them section by section. The sections will roll down so you can read the contents; click/tap again to roll them back up and select another section.

How Close Are You?

Was there ever anything that you felt was personally demeaning or insulting to put before God? Why?

What do you think God really thinks of you?

What is the strangest prayer you ever actually heard someone pray?

Tougher prayer questions

We double-dare you!

(Actions you might think of trying for yourself)

Some dares that anyone can try :

If you are not attending a church: let's take up a challenge. Attend a worship service at a church. Any church you choose, chosen for your own reasons.

If you're a church-goer, dare these:

If you are in a church or cell group: dare these:

Starter Lessons On Prayer

Keep digging into prayer.