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Paranormal Activity

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They make crop patterns so they can eat.

What Is the Paranormal?

paranormal :

  1. at its root: Greek para- (beyond) + Eng normal (that which is normative or that which follows the general rule).
  2. that which doesn't happen within the 'normal' limits of material living or which can't be explained by the laws of nature or physics. That which is unsolved or unexplained or beyond our usual frame of reference. Mysteries, usually of a quasi-scientific or miraculous kind.
  3. A catch-all category of popular thought, designed to mix together all that is weird, whether fairly or unfairly, related or unrelated. It's very much the rage on the Internet. Paranormal witnesses abound on phenomena both well-known and esoteric. 'Paranormal' includes scary ghosts and ghost hunters, zombies, vampires, horoscopes, UFOs, crop circles, apocalypses, seeing-stones, and strange powers. These are far more fun than scary people, ideas, or weapons. Maybe that's because we sense the difference, even when our minds don't grasp it.

An Eye On the Paranormal

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(Nothing here is hidden, shrouded, secret, or in a paranormal state. ... OK, maybe a little weird.)
The paranormal is where imagination and reality meet and part ways, in ways that some people swear are real. Paranormal stories arouse people's interest all over the world. They try to figure out these unsolved mysteries. So don't be frightened, take a look. Click or tap the buttons below.

Christianity and the Paranormal

Some complain that Christianity is no different than the paranormal -- the King of the unknown, the God of the gaps in our knowledge, the Lord of fog banks, clouds, and shrouds. But when we speak of Jesus, we put the lie to that. The Lord was not in a fog or a gap, but in cities, trade routes, and rural zones, walking on dirt in lousy sandals, talking words to other people, touching them, breathing air, traveling, crying, sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying. For just a while, God was in the same muck we are, and had to cope with it. There's no 'gap' in that. God destroyed the 'gap' as we were trying to destroy Jesus. God is usually hidden, true, but is hidden behind what's in plain sight and in ordinary experience, close at hand not galaxies away. (It's hidden in part so we can be free to be as we are.) Even where there is mystery to it, it's not the mystery of a fog, it seems like nothing but a burning light, so strong it blinds. To a Christian, the supernatural and the material realms are different sides to the same reality of existence. Imagine this, if you will: two dimensions to the same universe, interlocked at every turn; wherever one is, the other is, unseen. Incarnation - being here as a bodily being, as Jesus - is what separates God from what we call the paranormal.

Are there paranormal occurences? The core of the Christian faith says yes, constantly, but not most of what you usually think of as paranormal. Even much of what we see as normal, isn't. There is an entire side of this existence that underlies all that is, including the most 'normal' of things, that is the groundwork for the world as it is becoming. It is farther beyond our typical experiences than anything that's usually thrown into the bin of 'paranormal' -- it's the 'new normal' of the road ahead of all of us. Perhaps this is what we really sense when there seems to be something more to life than the eye can see, a para-paranormal that is what makes the real real. Or, to describe it spatially: it's not reality turned around 180 degrees, but more like reality turned around 359 degrees, but we can't turn the 1 degree backward to find it the easy way. Put your trust not in paranormal phenomena, but the God who is at the root of whatever real stuff there is, whether within our world or beyond it.

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